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Dear Fellow Fans,


During my recent Indian trip I have hit a comic jackpot. I have got the first issue of Muthu comics published in Jan 1972, which was released couple of years after my birth. My joy knew no bounds when I got this book in my hand. I have long back given up the hope of ever getting this for myself. So when I got this book I was jumping with joy. I want to share this joy with fellow fans. So I'm providing the cover scan and the scan for pages 128, 129 and 130 which has got the advertisements for the next few issues with the story description. Enjoy!!!


Muthu Comics First Issue Cover

Muthu Comics First Issue Page 128

Muthu Comics First Issue Page 129

Muthu Comics First Issue Page 130


You can send me your feedback, through muthufan@yahoo.com




Mar 2005