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Site Updates
14 Apr 2005
Take a look and let me know what do you think. Send your comments to Muthufan
14 Apr 2005
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Dear Fellow Comics Fans,

Welcome to the revamped web site of Muthufan, Home of your favorite Tamil comics on the Web.Though this site was launched in 2002, I was not able to keep it updated for various reasons. Though the official site is working fine now, I felt the need to have a comprehensive site which has the information about all the back issues. However as the official site is not having enough space to host all info about the old issues, I wanted to revamp my site with new template, with new info. Drop a mail to Muthufan, if you want to contact me or for any comments about this site.

You can browse this site through the tab pages given on the top. For Special Articles, scroll down and find the links to the respective news, below my signature.

14 Apr 2005

The Ultimate Issue - First Issue of Muthu Comics - Jan 1972


April 2004 Updates - Muthu Comics History

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About Mathiilla Manthiri(In many languages)...


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Ƒ 16, 2003 P-1.

Ƒ 16, 2003 P-2.

Ƒ 16, 2003 P-3.

Comics Updates
27 Mar 2005
Lion announces the publication of Lion Jolly Special with seven stories. Issue is expected to hit stands in Oct'2005. Watch out this space for more details
31 May 2005
Muthu released its 300th issue. This issue features the last two parts of the Tiger's long journey which started in 1997. Title of the issue is "Puyal Thediya Pudhayal". See the cover art here.
29 Aug 2005
Muthu released its issue number 301. This issue features the reporter Johnny, titled "Thisai Thirumbiya Billisooniyam". Looks like detective Jerome has met his doom, even before he started. Also released is the Comics Classics featuring Maayavi(Marmatheevil Maayavi) and Lawrence & David(Thikilootum Nimidangal).
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